Street Shooting Raises Issue of Political Party Funding

Monday, 14 February, 2022.

North Cyprus News - Funeral of Halil Falyali
[PM Faiz Sucuoğlu and UBP Party Members Attend Funeral]
An article published by Yeniduzen written by guest author Çağay Dürü* asks questions about the strings attached to the UBP party and the murdered casino owner Halil Falyalı.

He refers to the brutal and coldly calculated gunning down of Halil Falyalı and his driver in the street. The incident was so shocking that it unearthed disturbing issues, not just about his mafia business connections but to his influence on Turkish Cypriot politics.

Dürü writes the following: “The UBP seems to have implemented the motto of “the best defence is the attack” by attending Halil Falyalı’s funeral with full staff and making statements legitimising the financial support provided [by Falyalı] to the UBP.”

He goes on to say: “Interestingly, the left-opposition parties and the right-wing parties, which say they support clean politics, did not raise a strong voice on the financing of politics. However, even if Halil Falyalı’s wealth is legal down to the last penny, it is clear that such financing is not legitimate and would not be accepted in a democratic country. Because democracy is not the name of a regime that is run by “buying” political parties! Therefore, in countries where democracy works, aid to political parties or candidates who will be candidates in elections is both limited and has to be transparent. The UBP (and other parties and institutions that received assistance from Halil Falyalı, if any) has to explain the amount, form and content of the relationship established!

The author says that otherwise, the legitimacy of the UBP trying to establish a government truly representing all sectors of society, is questionable. He says, “he who pays the piper, calls the tune”.

Dürü asks whether or not there should be questions raised as to the funding of the party and how it has affected its functioning.

The unfolding relationship between the UBP and Falyalı makes it unclear whether or not UBP is a legitimate and legal political party”, he says.

*Çağay Dürü is a clinical psychologist and part time lecturer at Middle East Technical University, Ankara

For full article click here – Yeniduzen

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