Strikes and demos continue demanding return to DST

General strikes and protests continue today, following a road traffic accident which resulted in the deaths of two school girls, the driver of the school bus and injuries to seven others after a lorry veered across the highway and collided with the bus just before 7am last Tuesday.

north-cyprus-news-re-instate-dst-demoThe protesters are demanding that the government reverse its decision to not implement daylight saving time (DST). They also blame the accident on the fact the daylight conditions at that time of morning were poor because the clocks were not put back by one hour.

In an attempt to appease the public, the government ordered that school and public offices open one half hour later at 8.30am.

The demonstration held by the union platform and the students started at 10am in front of the Prime Minister’s building. The action, which was strongly supported, is expected to continue during working hours.

Intensive security measures were taken in front of the Prime Ministry building.

Kibris Postasi

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