Struggle for EU licensing for halloumi ongoing

Speaker of the House, Sibel Siber, addressing the Assembly yesterday, has said that halloumi/hellim cheese constitutes 20% of the TRNC’s exports, ‘Yeni Duzen’ reports.

She noted that in 2014 the Greek Cypriot side attempted to register halloumi at the EU Commission and added that in December the TRNC’s application regarding the names “halloumi” – “hellim” cheese is expected to be approved.

However, she added, after the registration, the approval of the Greek Cypriot Ministry of Agriculture is required.

Dr Siber said that Turkish Cypriots should unite on this issue. Noting that with halloumi’s registration this cheese could only be produced in Cyprus, she argued that the Turkish Cypriots should be united on the view that they should also be given licensing authority and should undertake initiatives to approach the EU on this issue.

Referring to the same issue, Prime Minister Ozkan Yorgancioglu said that his government has become involved in the issue and promised to help the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry to file lawsuits against nearly 70 firms in Turkey which produce hellim.

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