Struggles in the Karpaz

Many people turned up yesterday to demonstrate against the environmental destruction being caused by the widening of the Dikarpaz road. However they were met by local villagers who protested that they had been waiting for this road for many years.

The Karpaz National Park Assocation gathered large crowds of protestors yesterday. But the access road to the protests was blocked by villagers claiming that the road was essential for their well-being and that they were the true guardians of their local environment. There were some ugly scenes, punches were thrown and police had to intervene between the two sides.

Dipkarpaz Mayor, Mehmet Demirci  said that his people had been waiting for this road for years and that their region had long been neglected.  Hasan Sarpten, head of the Biologists Association replied that they had no fight with the locals and asked for the police to open the road for the protestors.

The road was eventually opened and the villagers dispersed.

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