Students Refuse to Occupy Unhygienic Dorms

Cyprus News - Ozersay addresses students
Deputy PM Ozersay Addresses Students

Over 150 students who were flown into North Cyprus earlier this morning from the UK have refused to occupy dormitaries for the required 14 quarantien period. There is a shortage of private dormitories.

Students who came from the UK on chartered flight rebelled in front of the dormitories with their families. They said that no preparation of the dormitories had been made. They complained about the lack of hygiene. There were no lights, bedding and the toilets were unusable.

Eventually, Deputy Prime Minister Kudret Özersay arrived. He apologised and said that the students would be sent to the Riverside hotel in the Alsancak. Buses were proved to ferry them to the hotel.

Cyprus News - Firat Ataser - Mayor of Alsancak
Mayor of Alsancak – Firat Ataser

Meanwhile Kibris Postasi reports that the Mayor of Alsancak Fırat Ataser, complained that it was unsuitable to place the students in the hotel and the municipality disapproved of the decision.

Stating that the Riverside Hotel is in a central location and the local people are uncomfortable with the situation, Ataser said, “The location of the hotel is not suitable for being a quarantine place. There are houses around the hotel. The police will not provide the necessary security measures”.

Underlining that the locals are also unhappy with the situation, Ataser said that he had conveyed these concerns to the authorities.

Kıbrıs Gazetesi, Kibris Postasi, Yeni Duzen

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