Supplies of Domestic Bottled Gas Run Out

North Cyprus News - Gas Bottles

Thursday, 26 May 2022 

Stocks of domestic bottled gas have run out once again as the supply ship is yet to arrive. Meanwhile, it is expected that the cost of domestic bottled gas will rise when it does become available.

Some bottled gas dealers, who stated that they had been unable to buy gas for a week, said that they were victims due to the “expectation of a raise“, while it was learned that Koop Gaz had run out of stock, and only the legally required stocks for the military and hospitals remained.

The Agricultural Equipment Cooperative Subsidiaries Coordinator, Orhan Kürşat told Yenidüzen that they have not been able to get gas since Friday.

Kürşat said, “There is no gas at our gas suppliers, K-PET and ALPET, we have not been able to buy it since Friday, their ships have not arrived. We have kept the legal stock that we need in reserve for the military and hospitals, we don’t have gas for the market at the moment. The ship has not yet arrived, it was said that it will arrive on Tuesday, but, again it has not arrived, we are waiting”.


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