Support on offer to Palestinian students in the TRNC

Education Minister Mustafa Arabacioglu has said that his ministry will undertake an initiative to support Palestinian students studying at universities in the TRNC, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

The ministry issued a statement saying that Arabacioglu had met with the Supervisory Board union secretary of the Eastern Mediterranean University (DAU-SEN) and associate Professor Mustafa Riza.

DAU-SEN told the education minister that that they wanted the ministry and the government to support their efforts to help Palestinian students studying in the TRNC following the attacks on Gaza. The union noted that there are up to 40 Palestinian student in the TRNC who are experiencing financial difficulties, requesting that they be made exempt from paying tuition fees. Arabacioglu said that it would be impossible to ignore the incidents occurring in the Gaza, noting that the Turkish Cypriots had also experienced great struggles in the past.

The minister said that they are ready to support Palestinian students who are studying not only at DAU but also all over North Cyprus.

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