Surprise concert in Gezi Park

Thousand of demonstrators who were gathered in Gezi Park late yesterday evening were treated to an impromptu piano concert by German musician Davide Martello and Turkish musician Yigit Ozatalay.

The Italian-born pianist and composer, who visited Taksim Square and the park, surprised its occupants by bringing his own piano along with him and gave a soothing concert for the crowd.

Apparently Martello, who is known for giving spontaneous performances, played sonatas among other classic tunes.

He was on a world tour and he wanted to play in Istanbul to support the protesters, “I brought the piano with my car. I play at the squares for people’s freedom. I came here to support the demonstrations,” Martello said.

Ozatalay, 28, also said he played to make a statement about the constraints being put on human rights.

“Our freedoms are being restricted. I don’t accept this as an artist,” he said.

Meanwhile, the park and Taksim Square were quiet late yesterday compared to previous nights. However, many people had expected a police intervention at the park and some asked the governor via Twitter about the issue. Istanbul Gov. Huseyin Avni Mutlu said via his Twitter account that there wouldn’t be any intervention in the park last night.

“Some provocative rumors are being shared saying that there will be an intervention in Gezi Park. Do not pay attention to these rumours. Good night,” said Mutlu via his Twitter account at midnight.

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