Survey Finds 73 Percent Of GCs Would Not Return To Maraş

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A survey regarding the reopening of Maraş (Varosha) commissioned by the “University of Nicosia” found that 73 percent of Greek Cypriots originally resident in Maraş would definitely not resettle there, prior to a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus issue, Yeniduzen reported.

Citing Greek Cypriot weekly ‘Simerini’, the report said that 1,000 randomly selected Greek Cypriots aged over 18 were interviewed between 5-8 July, 2021.

Awareness of Events In Maraş

The survey found that 54 percent of respondents were well aware of new events taking shape regarding Maraş, 38 percent were fairly aware and 8 percent were slightly aware. When asked whether they had visited the beachfront of Maraş since reopening, only 12 percent of respondents said that they had, 88 percent said they had not.

When asked whether the opening of Varosha would undermine South Cyprus tourism, 45 percent said “Yes”, 29 percent “maybe”, 22 percent “may not” and 4 percent said “definitely not”. When asked whether they believed that the next step to be taken by the Turkish side would be to open the city for settlement, 66 percent answered “definitely yes”, 30 percent “may do” and 4 percent “may not”.

Influencing Events In Maraş

When asked how much they believed the Greek Cypriot administration could hinder Turkish plans regarding Varosha, 49 percent said “not at all”, 30 percent “a little”, 16 percent “quite a bit”,  and 5 percent said “a lot”.

Asked how the Turks could be prevented from going implementing their plan to reopen the city, 30 percent of respondents said “by the EU imposing harsh sanctions on Turkey”, 30% “by creating a financial cost to the TRNC by closing the crossing points”, 24% “Only by finding a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem”, 4 percent “other”, and 3 percent “with new resolutions by the UN”.

Applying To The Immovable Property Commission

When asked whether the collective applications of people from Maraş to the Immovable Property Commission (IPC) would be right or wrong in terms of the “return of legal residents” target, 38 percent answered “right” and 62 percent “wrong.“

In the light of new events in the region, even if a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem is found, respondents were asked how likely it is that the city will be given to the Greek Cypriot administration, 60 percent of the participants said “not at all”, 28 percent said “a little”, 10 percent said “quite a lot” and 2 percent said “a lot”.

Opening Maraş And Ercan To The Outside World

When asked whether they agreed that Maraş and Ercan would open up to the outside world, with the Turkish side accepting that Maraş be administered by the UN, as suggested by Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades, 14 percent of the respondents said that they “totally agree”, 32 percent “probably agree”, 29 percent “probably disagree” and 25 percent “strongly disagree”.

Who Is Responsible For The Current Situation?

The following answers were given to the question of how responsible the government of the Republic of Cyprus was for the “loss and Turkification” of Maraş since 1974, 70 percent said “mostly”, 18 percent “quite a bit”, 9 percent “a little” and 3 percent “not at all.” 72 percent of the respondents also blamed political parties for this outcome.


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