Turkish Cypriot attitudes to Cyprob have changed survey shows

The results of a survey conducted in the TRNC in December 2014 regarding the political attitude of the Turkish Cypriots towards the Cyprus problem and the solution model show that the views of the inhabitants of North Cyprus towards the solution have changed. The survey was conducted by sociologist Kudret Akay with the participation of 600 persons. The sampling came from the TRNC’s electoral roll.

Akay said that the results showed that the Turkish Cypriots have adopted a “solution model based on pragmatic interests rather than on the concepts of peace, brotherhood and common country”. He argued that the Turkish Cypriots started to distance themselves from the solution based on the Annan Plan, after the 2004 referendum and the rejection of the plan by the Greek Cypriots.

The findings of the survey are as following:

62.7% of the participants in the survey want a bi-zonal, bi-communal solution as is generally described by the UN, but 60.1% believe that such a solution will not be found.

93.7% believe that a solution of which Turkey does not approve, is not possible.

63.1% are in favour for Turkey’s guarantees to continue unchanged.

57.5% said that they want the powerful presence of the Turkish army to be maintained in Cyprus, even after the solution of the Cyprus problem.

78.8% are against the return of Guzelyurt to its former Greek Cypriot inhabitants as part of the solution to the Cyprus problem, while 83.7% oppose the settling of Greek Cypriots in Karpaz.

67.1% are against Greek Cypriots living in the area under Turkish administration after the solution and 60.5% are against the return of property to the Greek Cypriots.

46.3% want to become citizens of the new state which will be established after the solution. 72.4% want this state to have a rotating presidency.

77.7% said that they want the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots to have separate sovereignty after the solution, while 51% are in favour of the fenced-off city of Varosha to keep its current status until an overall solution to the Cyprus problem is reached.

The most preferable solution model for 47.2% of the respondents is a federal Cyprus comprising two constituent states. 43.9% think that this solution model is the most achievable.

60.1% favour the sharing of hydrocarbon resources after the solution of the Cyprus problem and 9% approve the actions of South Cyprus on this issue.

68.3% of the respondents are not satisfied with the actions of the TRNC government after October 2014.

44% of the respondents described the TRNC as their homeland, while 23.3% said that their homeland is TRNC and Turkey. 28.4% described the whole of Cyprus as their homeland, while 3.3% said that their homeland is only Turkey. 53.2% called Turkey their “motherland”.

43.9% of the participants described the Greek Cypriots as their “historical enemy”, 0.8% as their “friend”, 20.6% as their “neighbour” and 30.8% as “Cypriots speaking a different language”.

Source Kibris Gazetesi

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