Survey shows how people would vote in referendum on Cyprus

A survey conducted using face to face interviews with 2,178 persons in the TRNC, for Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Detay’ during February 2017 was published yesterday.

According to the survey’s results, the number of participants in the survey who would vote in an election was 62,8%, while the voter turnout for a referendum on Cyprus would be 89.2%.

Asked how would vote in a referendum in Cyprus, 46.8% would vote “yes”, 27.2% would vote “no” and 26% were undecided.

The results of the survey show that the political parties with the highest “yes” vote would be TDP (Social Democracy Party) and CTP (Republican Turkish Party), while the political parties with the highest “no” vote would be HP (People’s Party) and UBP (National Unity Party).

Asked to state whether they trusted President Akinci, 64.2% replied that they trust him, 20.2% said that they did not trust him and the 15.6% did not reply.

According to the participants the political parties which are closer to the views of President Mustafa Akinci are the following:

  • Social Democratic Party (TDP) 28,5%
  • Republican Turkish Party (CTP) 27,2%
  • Peoples’ Party (HP) 10,2%
  • National Unity Party (UBP) 8,1%
  • Democracy Party (DP) 6,5%
  • Communal Liberation Party/New Forces (TKPYP)
  • United Cyprus Party (BKP) 0,9%
  • I don’t know/ no reply 14,4%

Asked to state which issue most affects their lives, 22.2% said unemployment, 19.5% said the economy, 13.1% said health problems and 11.2% replied the Cyprus problem.


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