Swine flu cases reported on both sides of the divide

Ministry of Health Undersecretary Omer Gur, has said that there are now five cases of swine flu in North Cyprus

In a written statement, he called for calm and said that everything was under control. He noted that the patients were not in danger. The H1N1 virus is not different from other flu cases, he said.

Three patients with the virus are staying at Nicosia State Hospital and the others are at the Near East University Hospital.

Meanwhile South Cyprus health authorities have seen an increase in cases of flu this past week, Cyprus Mail reports.

Maria Koliou, assistant director of the Makarios hospital paediatric clinic has said that eight out of ten cases going through medical centres are of the sub-type H1N1 (swine flu).

She said there has been one serious case, which required treatment at Nicosia general hospital.

Yeni Duzen, Cyprus Mail

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