Talat faces criticism about coalition with UBP

Leader of the Republican Turkish Party-United Forces (CTP-UG) Mehmet Ali Talat has been answering criticisms about the formation of a coalition government between the CTP and the National Unity Party UBP.

Speaking on a BRT programme yesterday morning, Talat said that work towards the establishment of a coalition government will be completed in the next few days.

He said that the government programme, which will be based on certain principles, is going to be ready today or tomorrow, Talat explained that coalition with the DP led by Serdar Denktas, had failed to fulfil the majority of its goals. “We need a stable viable economy and an agriculture policy. The important thing is to give priority on the pilot sectors of the budget. A wide base government is very important both for the economy and the solution of the Cyprus problem”, Talat said.

Replying to criticism about the decision to form a coalition government with the UBP, Talat said that in order to meet their goals, they should be rationalistic and follow serious policies. “The CTP-UG has never been an enemy party of another party. Since 1994, it formed a coalition government with a party which belongs to the same philosophy-world with UBP. Neither the CTP-UG is the old CTP, nor is UBP the old UBP. Our party experienced a lot of difficulties whilst it was in power. I have the belief that the new government to be formed will be a successful one”, Talat added.

Outlining the goals of the new government to be formed, Talat said that amongst them is the lifting of the partisanship policy on employment procedures, reforms in economy, important projects in tourism education sectors, improving the quality of universities and other educational sectors.

Talat also stressed the need to make preparations in the fields of politics, democracy and economy ahead of the solution to the Cyprus problem.

Halkin Sesi

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