Talat summoned to Istanbul

Leader of the CTP Mehmet Ali Talat was summoned, at short notice to meet with Turkish President Erdogan on Friday evening.

Talat, who had been waiting to meet with the president for some time, flew to Istanbul on Saturday morning, returning that night.

According to Kibris Gazetesi, Erdogan told Talat that he was especially worried about the water crisis and asked for this issue to be solved as soon as possible.

“It was alleged that the Turkish government, which is intensively working now on the crises of Syria and terror, does not want to deal with the slightest problem on the Cyprus negotiations or the water issue”, writes the paper adding: “It was put forward that Erdogan conveyed to Talat his views regarding the ‘chapters’ of the negotiations, the water issue, the [transferring of] electricity via undersea cable, citizenships and Ercan airport. According to information obtained by reliable sources, Erdogan is not happy at all with the crises on the issues of those waiting for citizenship and Ercan airport”.

The paper writes that Erdogan is satisfied with the course of the Cyprus negotiations and asked for the government’s more active support for the Turkish Cypriot negotiating team.

“Because he was not expecting any problems on the water issue, he demands that these should be overcome and furthermore the issue of bringing electricity via cable to the TRNC to be taken up”, notes Kibris Gazetesi. The report adds that Erdogan is “sensitive” on the issue of the Turkish settlers waiting to acquire TRNC citizenship and is unhappy about the delays on the airport. He is waiting for initiatives to be taken to solve all the problems between the private company and the state and to complete the project as soon as possible.

Kibris Gazetesi

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