Talat to resign as party chairman in November

Leader of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), Mehmet Ali Talat will not seek re-election as CTP leader in the party’s forthcoming congress in November.

Addressing the CTP’s congress being held for the purpose of amending the party’s charter, Talat announced that he would be stepping down from the party’s leadership at the next party congress in November. He said that when he had returned to the leadership of the party one year ago, his aim was to re-establish unity and solidarity within the party.

We are very close to achieving that goal”, he said.

Stating that the disputes within the party had mostly ended and that the CTP was on the road to recovery, Talat said that the public had lost confidence and trust in the politicians, which was something that needed to be addressed.

Talat also explained that his goal was for the party to achieve full unity and to come to power on its own. He added that he did not need to be at the head of the party for this goal to be achieved.

Some of the main amendments approved at the congress were the switch from the delegate system to a membership system and the raising of the party’s gender quota from 30 to 40%.

Term limitations were also introduced as part of amendments for positions such as the party leadership, members of parliament, mayors and district chairmen.


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