Talks can resume in May: Eroglu

President Dervis Eroglu has said that the Cyprus talks can be re-launched in May. He added that a solution could be reached “if Anastasiades puts his feet on the ground”.

Eroglu, who is campaigning for re-election as President on 19th April also reiterated what he considers are essential conditions for a solution to the problem. Those were that the federal state would be made up of two equal states having the same status. He said that Turkey must remain a guarantor, with a Turkish military presence maintained on the island and there should be a rotating presidency. All these factors should become EU primary law. This, he said is “sine qua non for the solution”.

He added that the elections will not only determine the leader of the Turkish Cypriots, but also their rights at the negotiations.

Eroglu also responded to the accusation of another presidential candidate Sibel Siber, who accused him of doing nothing during the time he was prime minister. “She was a prime minister for 70 days, I was a prime minister for 7 thousand days”, Eroglu stated and claimed that his signature is next to everything that took place in the TRNC.

Source Gunes

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