Talks On Four-Party Coalition Completed

Talks on the creation of a four-party coalition have been completed, leader of the DP Serdar Denktaş, has said. Their discussion focused on the understanding that a joint social consensus was necessary.

He said that any coalition that was to be formed needed to bring an end to the alienation or marginalising of different parts of society.

The UBP did not come up with a concrete proposal,” he noted.

North Cyprus News - Tufan Erhurman leader of CTPThe four parties, the CTP, the HP, the TDP and the DP, have a total 26 seats out of 50, which gives them just enough to govern. The last word rests with the parties’ competent institutions. A final decision is to be made on Monday

Leader of the main opposition party Tufan Erhürman said: “Negotiations have been completed positively.

Three of the parties, with the exception of the DP had said that they would not negotiate with the winning party UBP to form a coalition. Serdar Denktaş, leader of the DP, did not rule out a new coalition with the UBP, but did not believe a coalition formed under pressure would make for good governance.

Acting Prime Minister and head of the UBP Huseyin Ozgurgun was critical of the decision to form a four-party coalition which excluded his party, calling the act a “civilian coup”.

Havadis, BRT

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