Talks could resume when ‘Barbaros’ leaves Cyprus waters next week

Turkish seismic survey vessel ‘Barbaros’ will leave South Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone on Tuesday, Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergun Olgun has confirmed, ‘Famagusta Gazette’ reports.

The about turn comes just days after Turkey and the North Cyprus government said they have no intention of halting exploration of the eastern Mediterranean.

[‘Barbaros’ was in fact scheduled to leave the area at the end of this month. Ankara had issued a notice that a Turkish seismic vessel would carry out a survey from 20th October to 30th December in the same area where the Italian-Korean energy consortium Eni-Kogas is operating.]

The departure of the ship could open the way for a resumption of the Cyprus negotiations, which have been suspended since the vessel arrived in Cypriot waters in October.

On Wednesday Greek Cypriot President Anastasiades said that Ankara’s stance for a resumption of the talks not only do not satisfy us but create more problems.

He told journalists after a cabinet meeting that he will not tolerate partners who undermine the existence of the Republic of Cyprus.

“I would like to make clear that I will never tolerate partners to a state which are not active but instead make threats with new plans,” he remarked.

Greek Cypriots suspended peace talks with Turkish Cypriots in October in protest at what they called attempts by Turkey to undermine gas exploration off Cyprus.

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