Tasyapi Construction hits back at Ercan charges criticism

Tasyapi, the much criticised company which earlier won the 25 year lease for Ercan airport struck back in a press conference yesterday.

The company chairman, Emrullah Turanli, said that they were a commercial organisation not a charity and they wanted to be rewarded for their service to Ercan airport.

Mr Turanli said that they had won the contract with very competitive pricing and that they would be building a new 150,000 square meter airport within 4 years.

He continued, “this is our duty, we know what we have signed up for.”  He added that his company would be providing services for bus drivers and taxis and would expect to get paid for that.

Mr Turanli, who throughout the press meeting was aggressive and confrontational, stressed a number of times, that his company would be looking for a return on its investment.

He was then questioned by journalists about the recent price hikes at Ercan. He replied that he had met each of the complaining bodies separately and that they did not have any complaints!

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