Tatar and Akinci Almost Level In Opinion Polls

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar – President Mustafa Akinci

The latest opinion poll regarding the 2020 presidential elections shows that Prime Minister Ersin Tatar and President Mustafa Akinci are almost neck and neck.

According to a survey performed by the Gezici Survey Company between 21-23 August, 50.8 percent of respondents said that they would vote for Prime Minister Ersin Tatar if he reached the second round, while 49.2 percent said they would vote for President Mustafa Akinci. Chairman of the Gezici Survey Company Murat Gezici said that clearly it would be a contest between Tatar and Akinci, with both candidates receiving more support since the previous month.


Most of the people of the TRNC are of the opinion that Ersin Tatar and the government managed the pandemic outbreak well and were successful. During this time, the signing of a new Economic and Financial Cooperation Treaty with Turkey reflects positively on Prime Minister Tatar, Gezici said. 

Although some of the events have led to negative comments about Ersin Tatar, he has more pros than cons and this naturally puts him forward in the race.

Additionally, Tatar has maintained good relations with Turkey which also provides significant advantages for Mr Tatar.


Gezici said the fact that the Cyprus issue has completely stagnated and almost is dropping off the public agenda, prevents possible developments and natural fatigue may arise regarding Mr. Akıncı. The pandemic outbreak had neither negative nor positive effect on President Akıncı, Gezici said. 

Turning to the two-State solution – to the real problem for the people of Cyprus, Mr. Akinci is mostly in favour of the continuation of Turkey’s guarantorship.

However, one of the most important qualities is that the President of the people maintains good relations with Turkey. President Akinci  is experiencing a serious handicap in that regard. Nevertheless, Mr. Akıncı has a chance to win the race, albeit slightly behind Mr. Tatar.


Regarding a two separate states solution to the Cyprus problem, 78.2 percent of the respondents said that that was their preference. While 21.8 percent wanted federation with the Greek Cypriot side. 

Kibris Postasi

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