Tatar Calls on UK to Support The Turkish Cypriots


North Cyprus News - President Ersin Tatar
[President Ersin Tatar – File Photo]
Friday, 11 November 2022

An article written by President Ersin Tatar, published by the UK Daily Express, invited the UK to support the two-state solution to the Cyprus question, BRT reports.

He described the history of finding a solution as a never-ending quest which had become like a merry-go round.

Tatar said that since Britain has strong historical links to Cyprus, he expected the UK to support his forward-looking vision.

President Tatar said that he was looking for a settlement based on cooperation between two states, mutual respect and acknowledgment of the inherent rights of the Turkish Cypriot people.

He wrote the following:

…Our vision is for the island of Cyprus to act as a beacon of sustainable peace and stability in an otherwise volatile region, whilst recognising the facts on the ground.

“This vision protects the cultural identity and political rights of both sides. It is a fair, realistic and viable solution to a decades-old problem, for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus exists for a reason.

It is the embodiment of the sovereign equality of the Turkish Cypriot People and despite unjust international isolation, our vision continues to grow stronger each day. We are no less legitimate than the Greek Cypriot entity next door.

“The Turkish Cypriot People did not adopt this vision as a basis for a settlement overnight, but out of necessity after decades of negotiations for a federal-based solution, which has now been exhausted due to the Greek Cypriot side’s continuous rejections and attempts to perpetuate the status quo.

“The problem in Cyprus started in the 1950s when the Greek Cypriots began a campaign to annex the island with Greece (ENOSİS) during British colonial rule.

“It was only thanks to the Turkish peace operation in 1974 that the bloodshed ended and peace and stability was achieved. This new-found peace would eventually lead to the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus that we see today”.

Tatar went on to say that instead of wasting more time in pursuit of unfeasible solutions, the time had come for a fresh approach.

For the UK specifically, we would encourage a fresh new approach towards the Turkish Cypriot people – to treat us on an equal footing. Using the greater flexibility of Brexit, it is time to start to normalise relations on areas such as trade and police cooperation. I am confident that anything which helps to reduce the disparities with the Greek Cypriot side will ultimately help with the search for a solution.

“In short, the merry-go round must end. Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots should get off: it’s a farce. We need a fresh agenda and fresh opportunities for both peoples of the island of Cyprus – for peace, security and prosperity”.


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