Tatar Defends Universities Reputations

Tatar - Avci - YODAK members

President Ersin Tatar met with President of Higher Education Planning, Supervision, Accreditation and Coordination Board (YÖDAK) Professor Turgay Avcı, other members of YÖDAK and university representatives [pictured above] said that, “No one can use universities for their own personal benefit“, Kibris Postasi reports.

President Tatar was referring to the recent discovery that university degrees were being sold by high-level administrators at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University. 

The President in his acceptance speech, drew attention to the importance of universities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is under isolation, and said that great successes have been achieved with universities for about 50 years.

President Tatar stated that many graduates of universities in the country serve as ministers, members of parliament and ambassadors in their own countries.

Pointing out that universities are extremely important in terms of promoting the country and explaining and spreading its achievements internationally, President Tatar emphasised that universities are a great gain for the country and the Turkish Cypriots.

Stating that he had been disturbed by some of the problems experienced in higher education, President Tatar noted that individual mistakes should not blight the entire higher education system.

Tatar added that appropriate action should be taken to increase the auditing capacity of YÖDAK, the auditing board. He noted that there were some issues with auditing due to problems with the budget and organisational law.

Pointing out that mistakes should be addressed and no one should be blindsided, President Tatar emphasised that reputational damage to higher education, which is important for the promotion of the country and the economy, cannot be tolerated.

Explaining that the problems should be overcome together, President Tatar said that universities should be inspected in the best possible way and the necessary regulations should be made.

Pointing out that he trusts the judiciary and institutions, President Tatar noted that difficult days will be overcome.

President Tatar stated that strengthening the institutional structures of newly opened universities, complying with the laws and serving the TRNC are their greatest responsibilities.

“No one can use these institutions on their own. These institutions are the institutions of the TRNC“, said Tatar, while emphasising that students at universities receive their diplomas and continue their careers if they deserve it according to the rules.

Stating that it is not possible to get a diploma without providing service and obeying the rules, President Tatar noted that those who make mistakes will be punished.

Explaining that the university is valuable and that each of them, from its owner to its administrators, has responsibilities, President Tatar said that situations contrary to the law cannot be accepted in terms of the state’s laws, expectations, survival, economy and political stance, and that necessary action must be taken.

Pointing out that YÖDAK should address the problems as an independent supervisory board, President Tatar underlined that the structure should be strengthened, the weaknesses of the board should be eliminated and the problems should be corrected.

President Tatar underlined his wish that YÖDAK works in harmony and overcome the difficulties and contribute to a reliable and quality higher education with the necessary regulations.

President Tatar also drew attention to the measures that should be taken in universities and said, “The responsibility and duty are clear. Systems should be reviewed, financial control, internal and external audit should be implemented. If institutions do not carry out financial control, internal and external audits, the institutions and the country will be harmed through abuses“, he said.

Kibris Postasi

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