Tatar Discusses Economy and Reopening Borders

Cyprus News - Prime Minister - Ersin Tatar
Prime Minister – Ersin Tatar

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar has said that:

The TRNC has handled the coronavirus pandemic very well in this region, in the Eastern Mediterranean. Many people are looking for new destinations to get away from the cities. And this place is the TRNC. The sale of houses continues. In the past, every foreigner could buy a house, now he can buy four. With the new regulation, they can now buy a business.

In an interview with Kibris TV, he spoke about the North Cyprus economy. Tatar said that even if there was a problem due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is no problem in the banks. Noting that he had been waiting for the signing of the economic protocol with Turkey, Tatar said that “if there is an additional need on this solid foundation that has been created, we can borrow on much better terms because our feet are firmly on the ground. The state of public finances is much better than expected,” he said, noting that with Turkey’s help, it will be possible to borrow on “healthier terms.”

Asked whether it is a disadvantage that the TRNC does not have its own currency, Tatar replied: “EU countries use the Euro, not their own currency. […] And we are largely united economically with Turkey. Our trade is largely with Turkey and we have monetary union with Turkey, like the one between the EU countries. In such a situation when you use the currency of a country other than Turkey you have no advantage due to the difference in the exchange rate. It’s important that we use the same currency. “

Cyprus News - Kudret Ozersay - PM Ersin Tatar
Deputy PM Kudret Ozersay – PM Ersin Tatar

Asked if his partner in the government was involved in the recent economic agreement he signed with Turkey, Tatar said the agreement had been discussed for months and that the deputy ministers had been discussing the details for the past two weeks when it came to fruition. “And within the government, of course, we discussed the facts between us from the beginning and talked about this agreement,” he said, adding: “We waited and wondered when it would happen. We kept looking for loans. This agreement was reached on the third day of Bayram. Such an agreement facilitates borrowing and advantages. […]”

Asked to comment on the absence of Kudret Ozersay during the signing of the economic protocol, Tatar said that he had informed Ozersay about the agreement and that he, as prime minister, signs the agreements. “There is no problem,” he said.

Asked to comment on the EU’s support package for its members and when asked if Turkish Cypriots have a stake in the aid to South Cyprus, Tatar said: “From what we see, we do not exist to them. After all, there are big quarrels within the EU.

Asked if South Cyprus will recover from the coronavirus pandemic sooner than the TRNC, Tatar said: “The cases continue in South Cyprus. I don’t know when they will end. The opening of the roadblocks on June 8 was on the agenda. But for us there should be no cases for 14 days. Their economy is bigger than ours. More than five million tourists came annually. They will not be able to reach half that number.

Kibris TV

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