Tatar “Embarrassed” by Property Scams

Six Brtish Lapta Residents Facing Eviction

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar said that he is working to help the British residents who purchased homes in Lapta for £200,000 but have suffered a great injustice and are facing eviction.

Speaking at the promotion of Vision 2035 at the Merit Hotel in Nicosia, Tatar harshly criticized the methods used in property sales in North Cyprus.

Referring to both foreign and domestic property buyers in North Cyprus who become victims of fraud, Prime Minister Tatar drew attention to legal gaps and the ensuing problems.

He said that he had felt very embarrassed when the British ex-pats who met with him, said that they had lost their homes. Tatar said, “I am embarrassed for all of us. I am ashamed”.

Cyprus-News-PM-Ersin-Tatar-Vizyon-2035PM Tatar said the following in his speech: “You must have justice. In my country, 12 British people told me when they visited the Prime Ministry that they had lost their homes that they had bought for £200,000.

At that moment, I could not describe the embarrassment that I experienced both for myself and my country.

Someone in my country created such a fiction that even they defrauded these people. There are some injustices or illegalities not only for the British but also for our own citizens, but our laws should not allow this.

Our laws should not embarrass the TRNC business people. It should not embarrass anyone. When the British make contacts with the land registry office, the contract between the contractor and the landowner is taken into account, which law is a shame for me..

We need to fix this. Is that possible? This is a problem we are having. We have to look at the details of this situation. Such injustices should never be repeated. Justice is part of our economic vision. I will follow the process closely”, the Prime Minister said.


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