Tatar Hits Back at Akıncı’s Claims on Cyprus Policy

North Cyprus News - President Ersin Tatar
[President Ersin Tatar]
President Ersin Tatar has issued a written response to the recent remarks made by former President Mustafa Akıncı, BRTK reports.

Tatar emphasised that the primary issue Mr. Akıncı should be addressing is the stance of the Greek Cypriots, whom Akıncı accused in 2017 of rejecting the idea of federation, rather than directing criticism towards them. Following these events, Ankara withdrew its support for a federal solution to the Cyprus issue.

Regarding Akıncı’s comments on the TRNC’s relationship with Turkey over the past three years, President Tatar expressed disappointment and disbelief at the suggestion that their policies aimed to turn the TRNC into a Turkish province. Tatar clarified, stating, “Contrary to Akıncı’s assertions, our objective, in collaboration with Turkey, is to secure recognition for the TRNC as a sovereign state, to attain parity with the Greek Cypriot side, to assert our rightful place in the international community, and to break free from embargoes and isolation”.

North Cyprus News - President Mustafa Akinci
[Former President Mustafa Akıncı]
Tatar highlighted the efforts made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan during the UN General Assembly meetings in 2022 and 2023, where he consistently advocated against the annexation of the TRNC and called for its official recognition. Tatar emphasised, “For the past three years, we have been tirelessly working towards this goal, advocating for the acknowledgment of the TRNC’s sovereign equality, equalisation of its international status with that of the Greek Cypriot state, and laying the groundwork for negotiations based on a two-state solution“.

President Tatar went on to criticise the actions of the Greek Cypriot administration and its supporters, who seek to undermine the TRNC’s sovereignty and coerce it into accepting subjugation under the so-called Republic of Cyprus, which they have hijacked and transformed into a de facto Greek state. Tatar concluded, “This is the real issue that Mr. Akıncı should be addressing. It is the Greek Cypriots, whom he accused in 2017 of rejecting federation, who should be the focus of his concern, not us“.


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