Tatar Visits Cambridge Uni and Meets IDS in London

PM Ersin Tatar Cambridge University

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar has embarked on a series of meetings in the UK.

On Monday he first visited his alma mater Cambridge University.

Tatar who received a special invitation, toured the university campus including the classes, dorms and the cafeteria.

He was then hosted at the Cambridge City Council by Mayor Gerri Bird during which he was presented a special plaque.

Speaking to TAK News Agency during the visit, Prime Minister Tatar noted that he enrolled at Cambridge University in 1979 and had graduated from the Faculty of Economics 38 years ago.

Stating that he spent important years of his life at Cambridge, Tatar said that he was happy to see that the university had maintained its standards.

Having experienced the same memories 38 years later, visiting the cafeteria where I used to have my meals, revisiting the rooms where I used to study and seeing the library where I used to spend long hours as well as meeting with some people I used to know made me very happy”, Tatar said.

Stating that education was a life-long process which never ended, he said “my studies and my time here helped shape my personality and culture. However education never ends and is still continuing”.

Noting that there were Turkish Cypriot students who were studying at the Cambridge University and that he was proud of this, Tatar said that he found the opportunity to meet with some of them during his visit.

It doesn’t matter which university you graduate from, if you stop learning you cannot progress and contribute to society”, Tatar noted, adding that it had been his goal to return after his studies to contribute to his country.

Drawing attention to the importance of education, Prime Minister Tatar expressed the need for the youth to attach importance to their education so that they may be beneficial to themselves, their families and their community.

The Premier who found the opportunity to meet with some Turkish Cypriot business owners also visited the Cambridge mosque where he talked with the public.

PM Ersin Tatar – Sir Iain Duncan-Smith.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Tatar met with ex-Chairman of the ruling British Conservative Party, Sir Iain Duncan Smith, at the UK Parliament to exchange views.

In his statement regarding the meeting, Prime Minister Tatar stated that the meeting was very productive and that the British state knew the Cyprus problem in the best and most profound way.

BRTK, Kibris News Agency

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