Tatar warns UBP rebels

Finance Minister Ersin Tatar met the press yesterday.

Answering questions about the recent turmoil in his governing UBP party, he said that it was a shame and that everybody should act more calmly.

He did not feel that a party which had the majority of members of parliament (30) should put itself in danger of collapsing.

He said that elections were still 10 months away and that if early elections were forced upon it; his party would lose votes and be damaged. They should hold on to receive the economic benefits of all the decisions they had taken over the past four years.

Tatar continued by saying that rebel leader Dr Ahmet Kasif had exercised his democratic rights to challenge the UBP leadership. He had lost the ensuing vote and must accept the result. He felt that party members did not want early elections or divisions in the UBP.

Mr Tatar pointed out that the Prime Minister, Irsen Kucuk was returning from his US trip on Sunday night. There were strong rumours that the CTP main opposition party would table a ‘no confidence’ motion on Monday, hoping to topple the government.

He warned UBP members of parliament not to side with the CTP.

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