Tatlısu Awarded Cittaslow Membership

The village of Tatlısu has become the 5th village in North Cyprus to be declared a Cittaslow town.

Confirmation of Tatlısu’s membership was given via an email sent by the organisation’s General Secretary Pier Giorgio Olivetti.

The Mayor of Tatlısu said that village felt very proud to have been accepted as a member of Cittaslow.

He said that they aimed to further expand Tatlısu’s tourism potential in different ways.

Explaining that he will be receiving Tatlısu’s membership certificate at a ceremony in Italy on June 22, Mayor Orçun said that they had been working for the past five years in order to meet the criteria required to become a Cittaslow town.

He also provided information about the various projects being planned including the construction of an archaeology park, research centres, special organic farming plots and cultural exchange visits.

The village current boasts a miniature museum where 15 miniature historical buildings featuring the different civilizations that settled on the island are displayed.

In addition to its trekking paths and natural beauty, Tatlısu is also famous with the Panayia Pergaminiotissa, a late Byzantine church that has been renovated and transformed into a museum.


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