Tax on Aid Sent to GCs and Maronites to be Lifted

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Ozersay has announced that the customs duty, which has imposed on the humanitarian aid sending by South Cyprus to the Greek Cypriots and to Maronites and living in the TRNC, will be lifted. The tax was imposed on non-medical supplies by the former UBP government last October.

Ozersay told the press prior the cabinet meeting, that “they do not want the Greek Cypriot and Maronites minorities living among the Turkish Cypriot community to be used as a political material”. He asked that as a gesture of goodwill, that the Greek Cypriots stop referring to those communities as “enclaved”. Reminding that they, as the government, have already said that they will bring an order to the aid, which has been sent by South Cyprus to the Greek Cypriots and the Maronites in the TRNC, Ozersay added that they will take a step by lifting the customs duty imposed on the humanitarian aid.

He explained that the goods sent by South Cyprus will be inspected for quality and quantity with the mediation of the UN, in order to prevent the goods being sold. He further said that it is forbidden to sell this aid and added that labels will be applied to the goods with warnings to this effect in more than one language and that brochures warning against the sale of aid goods also will be distributed.

Furthermore, Ozersay noted that a modern, civilised approach will taken on this matter.


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