Taxi driver in near fatal accident

A major traffic accident at the Mutlukaya junction of the Famagusta – Nicosia road happened yesterday afternoon.

34 year old taxi driver Serkan Icel, had picked up passenger Gulsah Ceylan at Ercan airport and set off for Famagusta. Around 4.30 in the afternoon, he lost control of his Mercedes. The car veered across the road at high speed, rolled over 3 times and then ground to a halt some 30 metres down the road.

The passenger in the rear seat who had neglected to fasten his seat belt, was thrown out of the car and 20 metres down the road. He is currently at Famagusta State Hospital, where he is being treated for severe injuries. However, the hospital says that his injuries are not life threatening.

Incredibly, the taxi driver survived without a scratch.

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