TC Elected to EU Assembly Gets Mixed Response

A number of Turkish Cypriot politicians have commented on the election of Niyazi Kizilyurek in the European Parliament.

Kizilyurek is a professor of political history at the University of [South] Cyprus. He lives and works in the south and gained a seat in the EU parliament on the left-wing party AKEL ticket. He has written numerous books on the Cyprus problem.

Deputy for the National Unity Party (UBP) Oguzan Hasipoglu said that Kizilyurek does not represent the Turkish Cypriots, noting that the 5,000 Turkish Cypriots, who crossed over to South Cyprus to vote only represent 2.5% of Turkish Cypriots voters. “This is not a significant number”, he said, adding that there is a false sense that with the election of a Turkish Cypriot to the EU Parliament, the Turkish Cypriots’ voice will be heard there.

On the other hand, general secretary of the New Cyprus Party Murat Kanatli, stated that Kizilyurek’s election is very important. Kanatli also expressed his satisfaction that far-right nationalist party ELAM did not elect an EU Deputy. He further said that the discussion as regards whether Kizilyurek represents the Turkish Cypriots at the EU Parliament or not, has no ground since, as he said, there is no national representation in the EU Parliament.

The chairman of the Revival Party (The settlers’ party) Erhan Arikli stated that his party had no interest as regards Kizilyureks’ candidacy.

Finally, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Yeni Duzen’ writes that the general secretary of the Communal Democracy Party Cemal Ozyigit, stated that his party has always said that two out of the six EU Parliament seats of the Republic of Cyprus belong to the Turkish Cypriots. He said that although Kizilyurek supports federation as a solution to the Cyprus problem, he still represents AKEL and not directly the Turkish Cypriots. “However, I see with satisfaction this representation”, he said.

Haberci, Yeni Duzen, LGC News

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