TC Students Hit With Gun Butts on Russian Vessel

Girne American University (GAU ) Founding Rector and Democratic Party (DP) Deputy Serhat Akpınar shared a post on his social media account during the Ukraine-Russia war. He shared the experiences of a GAU student, Kibris Postasi reported.

Stating that he is one of the students of GAU Maritime-Deck Department, the young man said that an operation was being carried out by the ship on which he was doing his internship in Russia. He said that they were beaten with gun butts and then held captive for 12 hours.

One of the crew had been filming on his mobile while a helicopter landing on deck, and another helicopter circled the vessel.

Neither the name of the Russian vessel nor its location have been provded in the report by Kibrisi Postasi.

Warning those who will go to Russia, the GAU student stated that the third captain was received head injuries and he had been struck in his torso.

GAU Founding Rector Akpınar also shared the video sent to him.

Akpınar’s related post is as follows:



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