Teachers on Strike at All Public Schools Today

Burak-Mavis.Sec-Gen Teachers Union
[Burak Maviş – General Secretary Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Union]
Tuesday, 16 May 2023

Two teachers’ unions are on strike today, Kibris Postasi reports.

The Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Union (KTÖS) and the Cyprus Turkish Secondary Education Teachers’ Union (KTOEÖS) are holding a general strike in all public schools today.

General Secretary of KTÖS Burak Maviş, gave a telephone interview on ‘Morning News’, broadcast by Kıbrıs Postası TV.
Maviş said, “The Teachers Law Amendment Draft was on the agenda of the Parliament’s sub-committee… This bill was in the Ministry of National Education, after a lawsuit was filed against 22 teachers last year”.

He said that the amendment bill had been stuck at subcommittee level for at least 10 months.

Maviş said, “We decided to hold a general strike when we were informed that the bill would be discussed two weeks ago, and then we suspended the strike when we were told that the law would not be discussed that day“.

Maviş stated that the union had told the Ministry of Education that the law should be withdrawn last Friday. “We called for the projects related to education to be reconstructed in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and two unions…(Education Minister) Nazım Çavuşoğlu’s deafness to our call is because he unnecessarily criticises the unions and because of his stubbornness.

“You should know that this is not Turkey and it will not be“, he said.

Public Schools
Drawing attention to the fact that children are educated in public schools, Maviş said, “There are reports that show that there are no safe schools with deficiencies in infrastructure, we want them to deal with the improvement of schools and to increase the quality of education“.

Kibris Postasi



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