Teachers protest against threats to close down Ataturk Academy

The Turkish Cypriot teachers’ trade union (KTOS), organised a march on Thursday in protest against the efforts to close the Ataturk teachers’ academy (AOA).

The protesters held a press conference in front of the Dr. Fazil Kucuk mausoleum and later marched to the Ataturk teachers’ academy.

At the press conference, Sener Elcil, general secretary of KTOS, stated that attempts are being made to close down the academy which aims to promote the democratic development of the Turkish Cypriot community. Elcil reiterated that the reasons behind the closing of the AOA was political and not academic and called on the government to heed the message from the protest, otherwise, their protests would escalate, he said.

Asserting that the Turkish Cypriot community’s identity and culture is under serious attack, Elcil added that unfortunately the community has been under the “attack of the imams” in recent years. He also called on the Turkish Cypriot community to “struggle for its existence”.


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