Teknecik Buys Fuel Containing Over the Limit Sulphur

North Cyprus News - Kib-Tek Power Station
Teknecik Power Station

Sample testing of diesel supplied to the Teknecik Power Station has revealed that it contains sulphur levels which are 6 percent over the accepted limit.

The diesel supplied by Mors Ltd in Nicosia, was said to be less energy efficient and also harmful to human health and the environment.

The tests were carried out by two independent auditors and the results were reported to the Ombudsman.
Ombudsman Emine Dizlarli told Kanal SIM that she had received the report a few days ago and that the company will receive a lower payment of 1.8 million TL per tanker for the fuel. It was said that Mors Ltd may also receive a fine.

KIB-TEK board of directors have also received the report and will make a decision regarding the issue. They have not yet issued any statement on the subject.

Yeni Duzen

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