Teknecik cancer scare exaggerated: says Cesurer

Following reports that the emissions from the Teknecik power plant were a suspect in the increase in cancer cases in Esentepe and Catalkoy; Caglayan Cesurer, head of the electricity workers union EL-SEN has responded to calls for a filter to be installed.

He says that the filter will cost 20 million euros and that apparently KIBTEK are in the final stages of a project looking into buying a filter.

Mr Cesurer also points out that, in his opinion, the amount of pollution being produced is exaggerated. He says that the power plant uses some 200,000 tons of fuel a year and that looking at EU statistics, this generates some 7,000 tons of sulphur annually not the 40,000 tons claimed by health officials.

It is unfair to isolate the power station as causing cancer he says. Experts from Turkey have already examined the power station and stated that its emissions are actually less than EU norms. In addition there are many factors that can cause cancer. While he feels that a filter should be installed, there should also be far more stringent controls on food, water and car exhaust emissions.


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