Teknecik Power Plant Almost Out of Fuel

Tuesday, 08 February, 2022.

North Cyprus News - Kubilay Ozkirac - Head of EL-SEN
[Head of El-Sen – Kubilay Özkıraç]
A consignment of fuel is being delivered to the Teknecik Power Station today, Yeniduzen reported.

For months now, North Cyprus has been plagued by power cuts because of the necessary maintenance of ageing machinery, waiting for the purchase expensive machine parts and fuel shortages, meanwhile Kib-Tek electricity authority has a debt of one billion Turkish Lira.

The President of the Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority Employees Union (El-Sen) Kubilay Özkıraç, said that on Monday, Teknecik had only a day and a half of fuel left. He also claimed that the company supplying the fuel would not permit it to be offloaded until payment was received.

The head of El-Sen went on to say that this latest fuel delivery would only last for 12 days and accused the government of managing the problem in a piecemeal fashion and that it was looking to save the day. Long-term planning was needed, he said.

Özkıraç called on Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu to “focus on the realities of the country“.


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