Tender signed for border crossing roadworks

The tender launched by the UNDP for roadworks at the Lefke/Aplic and Derynia border crossings has been awarded.

Speaking to Bayrak TV, Minister for the Interior and Labour Asim Akansoy said that 2.1 million euro has been released by the European Commission.

The tender was awarded to M-Tas & Ahmet Korukoglu Ltd and that the planning stage for the road works on the TRNC side of the barricades at both crossing is expected to be completed by March of this year, he said.

Explaining that the road works on the South’s side at both crossing points, will be carried out by the South’s government through its own funding, Akansoy said: “The expansion and asphalting of the short stretch of road left between the two checkpoints will be carried out jointly by the two sides”.

He noted that the road on the Greek Cypriot side at the Lefke/Aplic crossing point was expected to be completed in eighteen months time.

Akansoy also said that the financial assistance provided by the European Union was only to be used for the construction of the roads and that an application would be made to the EU for additional funding to complete remaining infrastructure. “An additional 70 civilian personnel will be employed by the police force to manage the checkpoints”, he concluded.

Bayrak TV

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