Tenders Launched for New Border Crossing Infrastructure

Tenders have been put out for the construction of a car park, police cabins as well as infrastructure such as telecommunication and mains water for the Derinya border crossing point.

According to a statement issued by the central committee for tenders, the cost of the car park, buildings and infrastructure has been estimated at around two million Turkish lira. Tenders will be accepted until 18 July.

Kemal Bagzibagli, undersecretary at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, said that they are at the final stage regarding the tenders for the border crossings at Lefke and Aplic. Tenders will be put out for a car park there as well, with the same deadline for submitting proposals by 18 July.

Tenders for electronic infrastructure and the purchase of other materials for both Derinya and Aplic crossing points had been invited a while ago and police will advertise vacancies for personnel to man the checkpoints.


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