Territorial negotiations must come last: Eroglu

Turkish Cypriot President Dervis Eroglu speaking about the Cyprus negotiations at a function being held at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia, said “The substantive talks will start on 6th May but land, mapping and numbers will be brought to the table after agreeing on other headings”.

“If the Greek Cypriots request to start all over again, we will have to revise our bridge-building proposals we presented during negotiations with Demetris Christofias” said Eroglu and added “In my opinion Anastasiades needs to accept the approaches we developed with the former Greek Cypriot leader and propose his ones”

The first step of the negotiations which was the “screening” process, had been completed, the president said and that, “administration and Division of Powers” would be the first topics to be discussed during the upcoming substantive talks.

“As is recorded in the UN minutes, the issue of land will be discussed after closing other headings. We presented our criteria regarding the land issue during the Geneva meeting. The map and numbers will be discussed at the final stage.”

Eroglu went on to address certain issues regarding territory. He said, “discussing the map and numbers before agreeing on other headings will create uneasiness in the country. Therefore those topics should be left to be discussed at the very end.”

Speculation, he said, could affect the psychology of the people and negatively impact agricultural and other economic activities.


Kibris Postasi

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