‘The future for Turkish Cypriots is bright’: says Atalay

The Deputy Prime Minister for Turkey, Besir Atalay, currently visiting the TRNC, says that there are many positive developments coming to the TRNC economy and that the future is bright.

He also maintained that the situation can only improve and that Turkey would provide its guarantees, economic strength and potential.

Mr Atalay pointed out that major projects were in process, including the water pipeline from Turkey, the linking of the TRNC electricity framework to that of Turkey, the modernisation of ports and telecom infrastructure and the privatisation of Ercan airport.

He also stressed the improvements in the tourism and education sectors. Tourism has grown at 7% per year. The number of students in higher education has grown from 45 thousand in 2009/2010 to 55 thousand in 2010/2012.

Mr Atalay responded to critics by saying that a number of major projects had yet to be completed and that it would take time for their beneficial effects to be felt in the TRNC. He said that some of the positives were already applying to the private sector and more would follow.  He maintained that it was essential to carry on with the privatisation programme.

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