The government is destroying KIB-TEK: says union

EL-SEN union head Caglayan Cesurer, published a press statement yesterday claiming that the government is trying to destroy KIB-TEK and that his union would not just stand by and watch.

Mr Cesurer points out that the Near East University owes KIB-TEK TL25 million in unpaid bills. They have 8 electric meters on the campus and three were ordered by the court to be left untouched until a court ruling on an on-going case is determined. The other 5 meters had their electricity disconnected by EL-SEN. However KIB-TEK management managed to get these 5 meters reconnected. KIB-TEK has loans from the Near East Bank of nearly TL19 million, instead of offsetting these amounts, the state-owned electricity supplier changed the current electricity tariff to the Near East University for a more preferential rate, he said.

A similar situation exists with BRT debts. BRT owes TL 20 million but the government has decided to wipe off 70% of the overdue interest and to allow the remainder to be paid in 36 instalments. The Prime Minister then announced that the problem had been solved. He is using the situation with the Near East University and BRT to destroy KIB-TEK. He added that the government had carried out similar actions with councils’ unpaid electricity bills. However EL-SEN will not stand idly by, he said, while the government acts. That is why it recently had a warning strike, though it is obvious that the government is not getting the message. Therefore stronger actions will follow

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