The notion of enosis is damaging to all Cypriots

Presidential Spokesman Baris Burcu has said that it is in the hands of the Greek Cypriot leader to overcome the crisis brought about by the south’s vote on ‘Enosis Day’.

The negotiations had not completely broken down, but the vote by the south Cyprus parliament to commemorate ‘Enosis Day’ in secondary schools had seriously undermined the process, Burcu told Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’.

President Akinci’s spokesman said that if Greek Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades showed a positive mindset towards the talks, they could be restarted. The Turkish Cypriot side will not compromise on its demands that the vote be revoked.

Anastasiades on occasion had expressed an aggressive and rude attitude, he said, adding that “the Greek Cypriot leader did share the same approach with President Akinci and UN Special Envoy to Cyprus Eide’s to the sensitivities of the Turkish Cypriots.

He said that the minimum requirement to restart the talks was for President Anastasiades to take action regarding the vote.

What is called Enosis is a source of almost all problems in Cyprus,” Burcu said, noting that the negotiation process had not broken down, but that the decision taken by the Greek Cypriot parliament had seriously damaged the process.

Anastasiades had a duty to remain positive, since the negotiations had reached the five-party conference stage, he said.

The Greek Cypriot president must clearly state that parliament had made a mistake on the vote and he must have the vote annulled.

Please do not make this a Turkish Cypriot society, or a Greek Cypriot society. Historically, Enosis is a matter that all Cypriots should avoid because of the harm it brings to all Cypriots…..we are trying to save the future of all Cypriots,” said Burcu.


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