The public has sent a message to all politicians: Eroglu

Outgoing President Dervis Eroglu told the press after the result of Sunday’s election was announced, that they had come to the end of a long marathon and he congratulated Mustafa Akinci sincerely on his victory.

He noted that in the five years he was in office, he had brought the Cyprus negotiations to the stage where they were and when he became a candidate the UN Secretary General had indicated that the talks were the “final game” which needed to be solved. This was why he wanted to be a candidate, so that he could complete this.

Eroglu said this was his last election and he would not be running for any political position again. He said the public wanted to give a message; and this message was not to him personally but to the politicians. Lessons had to be learnt from these elections, he said.

Kibris Postasi

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