The South plans tourism boost to aid devastated economy

Unemployment in South Cyprus rose to 14% in February from 13.7% in January.

Greek Cypriot employers are being encouraged to hire more local job applicants to stem the rising unemployment numbers.

The focus in this case is on tourism, which casts some rays of hope on a very bleak economic situation.

President Anastasiades will present a programme of measures aimed at re-vitalising the economy in an announcement later today. The scheme includes plans to employ more Greek Cypriots in the tourism industry.

Commerce Minister, Lakkotrypis said that there had already been discussions between hoteliers and the Ministry of Labour, Zeta Aimilianidou which opts for an employment ratio of 70% Greek Cypriots to 30% foreign workers in the tourist industry. There are also intentions to extend the tourist season in South Cyprus.

Tourism in South Cyprus currently contributes 12% of it GDP.

In the hope of boosting this number, the government intends to grant licences to build a casino resort which will contain one or two casinos.

The government also intends to implement an incentive scheme for developers to construct golf courses in the South.

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