There will be no Cyprob solution: Talat

Former Turkish Cypriot President, Mehmet Ali Talat was invited to comment on the conflicting views he had held on the issue of the Turkish Cypriot Football Federation (KTFF) joining the Cyprus Football Association (KOP). In 2009 Talat had said that the KTFF cannot become a member of KOP, while in 2013 he supported the move.

Talat replied that there were hopes for a solution to the Cyprus problem in 2009 and because of this he did not agree that KTFF should become member of KOP. “Everything is evaluated on its own circumstances”, he noted, adding that at that time he had said that becoming a member of KOP should be out of the question, because this could influence other federations.

Referring to the current situation, Talat argued that the KTFF should be supported [in its application to become a member of KOP] because there is no hope for a solution to the Cyprus problem. He said: “If the solution was visible on the horizon, I would ask the football federation to wait. We thought that a new arrangement would be made with the solution. It did not happen”.


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