Thief breaks leg jumping from balcony

Thieves realising that they had disturbed the homeowners jumped from a balcony to their freedom.

The attempted burglary took place at the Edremit house of Ahmet and Aydin Madencioglu the day before yesterday.

The couple returned home the night before last and saw that their front door and kitchen doors were open. They shouted out and the thieves heard them and panicked. They left the goods they had gathered and jumped off the second floor balcony in an attempt to escape.

However the plan did not work as Devrim Akar broke his leg and Mehmet Borc dislocated his shoulder during the fall.

Ahmet immediately called the police and chased after the thieves. Mehmet Borc jumped into a waiting car but was arrested by police, along with the driver Aslan Sendul, before they could get away.

Devrim Akar who had managed to hobble away all the way from Edremit to Karaoglanoglu was also caught, while attempting to hide.

Now Akar and Borc are both receiving medical treatment in hospital before they are sent to court.

However, police have testified that the get-away car contained many items of jewellery and electronic items which they suspect came from other burglaries.

Mr and Mrs Madencioglu spoke to the press afterwards. They said that they had worked hard in England for 40 years and had returned to the TRNC to enjoy the peace and quiet. However, since there had been two robberies at their house in the past 3 months, they now feel that they would be better off returning to England.

Two of the culprits arrived from Turkey a few days ago. Mr Akar is a TRNC citizen.

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