“Things can only get better”: Kucuk says

We have been promised by the Prime Minister that 2013 will be much better than 2012. What is more, he guarantees it.  All of this and more in a press conference he held earlier today.

He says that his government’s objective is to meet the expectations of the people and that they are on the right track to ensure this. The 2013-2015 sustainable economic programmes will expand the economy by 4.2 % per year.

Mr Kucuk refuted the suggestion that he had called the press conference to continue his public tiffs with the President. He said that he had no personal fight with the President and that he was not looking at the presidential elections in 2015. His party was focused on the local and general elections to be held in 2014. There would be no cabinet changes until the general elections.

Mr Kucuk also maintained that the recent hiring that some claim were politically motivated were all legal and above board.

He concluded by saying that he will win the court imposed re-election for the head of the UBP party, to be held on Sunday.

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