Besparmak Think Tank Presents Meets Akinci

The Beşparmak Think Tank presented President Mustafa Akıncı, Parliamentary Speaker Sibel Siber and the deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktaş with a letter containing their views on the Cyprus issue and the Cyprus negotiations.

The letter that contains the signature of the Beşparmak Think Tank Group’s Coordinator Professor Dr. Salih Saner was shared with the public.

In the letter it was emphasised that any dialogue or contacts to take place with the Greek Cypriot side should not serve the continuation of the status quo and the negotiations should not continue where they left off but should proceed on the basis that there are two equal states on the island and discuss alternative cooperation possibilities.

The letter also called for steps to be taken that will improve the TRNC states infrastructure and economy and increase President Mustafa Akıncı’s prestige.

It also said that they should focus on strategic initiatives and projects that would allow the TRNC to further strengthen and stabilize the power of the Greek Cypriots.

‘Within this framework the TRNC parliament and the state also needed to in the game and added that all important decisions needed to be taken through shared wisdom at the highest level’ stated the letter and added that the presidential regime also needed to be evaluated.

In the letter it also noted that in order to reach this aim the necessary will, planning and timing was needed and touched upon the importance of carrying out close contacts, cooperation and communications with Turkish officials.

Alongside these views, the group included its two phase aim and the strategy that should be followed in order to reach these aims.


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