Thirteen Billion Lira in Illegal Online Gambling


The owner, manager and seven other employees of the Skull King Casino who were arrested by Kyrenia Narcotics and Financial Branch teams were brought to court again, Yeniduzen reports.

The police noted that the suspects were found to be running illegal gambling operations, with initial investigations revealing a turnover of 13 billion Turkish Lira. The police requested that the suspects continue to be remanded in custody while investigations continue. 

Police Sergeant Yahya Suiçmez, serving in the Financial Branch, stated that during the search conducted by Kyrenia Narcotics and Anti-Smuggling, and Financial Crimes Combatting Unit teams at the ‘Skull King’ Casino in Kyrenia, a total of 98 slot machines and online casino games were found to be operated illegally through websites named “,,, and” in exchange for money, in violation of the Gambling Law.

The police reported that E.D., secretary of Selin Tourism Ltd to which the Casino is affiliated, accountant T.B., technical responsible A.A., slot manager S.Z., and casino operator E.Y. were arrested at the scene.

The police stated that R.T. who was apprehended at Ercan Airport while attempting to leave the country, was carrying 60,500 TL, US$4,000 and 2,207 euros with him.

The police noted that 10 mobile phones and 98 slot machines were seized. According to the investigation, it was recorded that the suspect E.D. took over the operation of the Skull King Casino from the Oscar Hotel, and later another individual took over the operation from E.D., who is also a wanted person.

Thirteen Billion Lira in Circulation Online

Police Sergeant Suiçmez stated that 22 computers, 11 mobile phones, and many other items were examined at the Skull King casino, and an extensive investigation was ongoing. Suiçmez said they found that servers were protected with passwords in the virtual betting system and they determined that illegal gambling was carried out through three different websites.

The police also mentioned that attempts to break the passwords of the servers had begun and according to initial findings, approximately 3,000 people played games of chance through the three websites. 

The police told the court that approximately 13 billion Turkish Lira was determined to be circulating on the websites, stating that 15 statements had been obtained so far, the investigation was continuing on a large scale, there was surveillance footage to be examined, and the process of breaking the passwords of the servers and a wanted person were still ongoing.”

Two Pistols Discovered in Employee’s Room

The police stated that on the same date, during a search conducted at the Casino’s dormitory by members of the Crime Prevention Branch affiliated with the Kyrenia Police Directorate, a suitcase was found in K.M.’s room containing illegally one SigSauer brand black-coloured pistol with serial number AF 11162 and one metal-coloured pistol with an unidentified serial number and brand, along with a total of 32 live 9mm calibre bullets which were seized as evidence.

The police mentioned that upon the suspect’s statement claiming to have received the weapon and bullets from Ö.K. in January 2024, Ö.K. was also arrested.

The police officer requested H.M. and Ö.K. to be detained for three days and the other suspects for five days, stating that the investigation was ongoing.

Judge Evren Mürsel granted the police’s request to extend the suspects’ custody.


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